About Me!

I founded FlightPix in the summer of 2016 after going through flight methods training. It changed the flying of my UAV from a hobby to a business once I noticed the multitude of business applications that my UAV could provide. And there are so many opportunities that are out there.

In order to be able to fly for any compensation, any and all UAV pilots needs to be certified as a" licensed small UAV pilot" through the FAA. This law went into effect August 29th, 2016.  I passed the certification testing with flying colors (pun intended) and got my license ASAP.

Remember, when choosing an aerial photography service, always choose a licensed UAV pilot. The FAA will hand out stiff fines to both the pilot and the client involved.

My flight policies include no flights in: 
  • Poor weather
  • High winds 
  • Low visibility OR
  • Over restricted airspace, people, highways and or emergency vehicles. 

Safety is always my #1 priority
Insured up to $2,500,000.00 commercial use
Fully Licenced withthe FAA

I offer quality work...using professional grade equipment, and the latest and greatest editing software on the market. Paired with fast and professional service...your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Thank You for looking into FlightPix Photograpyhy, let's work together on your next project!